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At Dental Associates of Lyndhurst, we've been providing comprehensive dental care for more than 40 years. Our services are custom tailored to each of our patients. We enjoy treating not only seniors, but those who are seeing the dentist for the first time.

We can treat those that require root canal therapy in house, but have specialist options available for those who have uncommon needs. Simple surgical procedures are also available, while nitrous oxide or 'twilight sleep' can be used to make your visit more comfortable.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Dental Associates of Lyndhurst, OH

Cleanings & Oral Examinations

We encourage all of our patients to have the appropriate number of cleanings and associated oral exams each year necessary to maintain their oral health. These appointments allow us to thoroughly clean your teeth, as well as motivate and encourage good oral home care. Our oral exams include oral cancer screening, visual and periodic radiographic (x-ray) evaluation of existing dental fillings, cavity and gum disease detection, TMJ evaluation, as well as addressing any other dental concerns you may have.

Teeth Whitening

There are a few options for those looking to brighten their smile. Our office fabricates custom bleaching trays that patients use along with our professional strength bleaching gel. Our system takes about two weeks of at home use to bring your teeth to an enhanced shade comfortably, with less risk of sensitivity.


Placing a thin, tooth colored coating on the chewing surfaces of adult molars and bicuspids in children around the ages of seven through fourteen is an easy and effective process. This proactive treatment "seals" these difficult to clean areas in back teeth making them more resistant to decay.


When small to medium sized cavities are detected, the soft and decayed tooth structure must be removed and replaced. The two major filling materials are tooth colored, bonded fillings and silver amalgam. While each material has its own benefits and limitations, our doctors will select the appropriate materials for each situation.


When large fillings require more support for durability, or weakened tooth structure begins to crack or break, crowns are often indicated to restore strength to a tooth. Crowns or "caps" are full coverage restorations fabricated by a local, outside lab. Crowns may be made of different materials depending on their position and function, including various gold alloys, porcelain fused to metal alloys, or all porcelain for extreme esthetic requirements.


When a tooth or teeth are missing, one option is to replace them with a bridge. A bridge is typically 3 or more crowns joined together to "bridge" a space. Similar techniques and materials are used to fabricate crowns and bridges.

Dental Implants

Implants are also used when a patient has one or more missing teeth. A titanium post to act as an artificial root is placed in the jaw bone by a specialist and after appropriate healing has occurred, our office places a crown, bridge, partial or full denture as needed using the implant(s) for support.


For our patients with multiple missing teeth, removable full or partial dentures are a viable option to restore function and a full smile. Custom made with acrylic and at times metal alloy substructures, these prosthetics function in harmony with your mouth and other present teeth.

Dental Associates of Lyndhurst, OH

Root Canal Therapy

When a cavity is deep enough to irritate or invade into the pulp or nerve of a tooth, a "root canal" may be necessary to save and properly restore a tooth. Root canal therapy consists of removing the dying or dead pulp tissue inside a tooth, thoroughly cleaning and shaping the canal system to the tip of each root. Once asymptomatic, filling and sealing the tooth to the root tip is necessary to prevent further infection and allow for the final restoration, usually a crown for most back teeth. Some of these teeth require evaluation and treatment by specialists.


At times due to the extent of decay, tooth fracture, bone loss, or other symptoms a tooth needs to be extracted. Some teeth require an oral surgeon in order to be properly and completely removed. After removing a tooth, most of the time the space can be restored with an implant, bridge, or removable appliance.

Scaling & Root Planning

For patients who have active and advancing periodontal disease, a regular dental cleaning is not enough. Scaling and root planning, often referred to as "deep cleaning" works and smooths the root surface of the affected teeth below the gum line, while using local anesthesia for comfort. This allows the surrounding bone and gum tissue to return to an improved and healthier state. For those with severe involvement, we work with periodontal specialists to provide additional treatment options and follow-up care.